Beggi Manuka Honey Hydrating Nasal Spra 30ml

Proven to be anti-inflammation, bacteria, and even better than normal saline!

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The unique feature of the Manuka Honey spray is a scientific formula containing the MSM Organic Sulfur and free of hormones that can help build normal nose bacteria balance, relief nose discomfort and support inner ears and does not make anyone sleepy.  This Spray can proven to be anti-inflammation, bacteria, and even better than normal saline!

Ingredients natural, Combine Natural New Zealand Manuka Honey with Medicinal Grade Hyaluronic Acid, provide moisture for dry nasal cavity, help relief nasal and sinus congestive caused by allergies, pollen, cold and flu.


Suitable For

  • Adults
  • 12 Year+Children
  • Nasal & Sinus Congestion


Usage Instructions

Directions: Adults and children over 12 years of age can use twice a day to relieve severe symptoms.  Once the symptoms are reduced, use once a day. Stop the treatment after 7 days.

If the symptoms continue, please consult the doctor.



  • pregnant women, and children under 12 years are not recommended unless there is a doctor's instructions.
  • children must use this product with the company of adults.
  • this product is not recommended if the skin is sensitive or damaged in the nasal cavity.
  • if you find any changes in mood or temperament after the use of this product, please stop using this product.
  • this product does not contain anesthesia, but it is possible that there may be a situation of-in the minority.

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